The Preliminary Report Attendees at two workshops (October 31 and December 7) and in three smaller focus lunches (mid to late November) were asked to formulate a core values statement and an initial list of key questions that were voted on as a group and refined and discussed in the latter sessions. These questions include:

  1. What are our core values regarding student and faculty success in the intersection of education, artificial intelligence and design?
  2. Why would someone come to MSU? What do we give to those students and how does technology help us?
  3. How to prepare faculty and students for the challenges of new technology both here and in the workplace? Will using AI lead to better learning?
  4. How do we include theories of learning and design into these systems?

In addition to the four questions, several MSU specific administrative action items emerged in our conversations. These will be listed together here as well as under the questions from which they emerged so as not to take them from their initiative contexts. Throughout the conversations, we were pleasantly surprised that, regardless of discipline, faculty and academic staff from across campus were able to agree on a number of key strategies with which to address the above questions. The report below outlines the preliminary results of these conversations.